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The Amalfi Foundation Auction

The Amalfi Foundation Auction is now open! The auction will run from May 17, 2024 to May 31, 2024, with proceeds going to Amalfi Foundation in order to support elevating underserved communities at home and abroad. Amalfi Foundation does this through two pillars, basic needs and community development, aiming to uplift individuals through education and opportunity. Let the bidding begin!


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At the core of our mission to elevate underserved communities both locally and abroad, is the individual. Whether this is an underrepresented low-income individual in California or a child in Tanzania who doesn't have access to proper education or nutrition, we're working diligently to ensure that each person can benefit from our initiatives.

Local Community Development Initiative (LCDI)

Here in California, we're proud of our Local Community Development Initiative (LCDI), our program targeting low-income individuals that want to forge a path to a better life. This initiative, while complex, is simple in the fact that it involves us providing six months of rent payments and six months of all other living expense payments, including childcare, groceries, gas and bus payments, and more, so individuals can save all income generated during this period. Each individual in the LCDI program is required to meet with their AF Case Manager, AF Financial Advisor, and AF Career Consultant each week. From the beginning, these individuals meet with our AF Case Managers to establish their six month plan, financial goals, career goals, and overall life goals. Therefore, while being provided assistance, these individuals can be led down a steady path to get on their own feet. We believe working towards personalized goals with steady check-ins is the most effective way to see change and ensure adherence to a plan.

We believe helping people get on their own feet and be self sufficient is the key to solving the systemic problem.

Amalfi Primary School Initiative

Arusha, Tanzania

We believe in taking on meaningful challenges that have the power to change not only one person's life, but the lives of an entire community. One of the biggest problems affecting education rates in Tanzania is a physical lack of schools near villages. In more remote villages in Tanzania, the nearest school may be over 10 kilometers away, and without reliable transportation the only option is for students to walk to and from school. Clearly, this is not a realistic ask and a huge contributing factor towards the country's low education rates.

Our mission is to elevate underserved communities while also ensuring that we allow them to stand on their feet and become self sufficient. Therefore in our extensive research, we've identified that the best way to ensure a considerable and long lasting impact on the community is to build a primary school for one of these remote villages.

Through our generous donors and our current fundraising initiatives, we're proud to be working with our partners in the region to construct the Amalfi Primary School and plan to break ground in early 2024. We're also proud to be establishing a 10-year plan to ensure the school and its students stay properly funded for the next decade.